James Wallman “Stuffocation. Living More With Less.”


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Minimalismist, ületarbimisest ja elumuutvate otsuste tegemisest.
Inglise keeles, pehmekaaneline, 358 lk. Raamat on kasutatud, heas korras.

Overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ you own? James Wallman is here to show you that you’re not alone and there’s a way to change that!

‘Like The Tipping Point meets Freakonomics – but with a huge idea at its heart’ Sunday Times

We have more stuff than we could ever need – clothes we don’t wear, kit we don’t use, and toys we don’t play with. It’s bad for the planet, it’s making us stressed, and it might even be killing us.

In other words, we’re stuffocated.

From the exec who’s sold almost everything he owns, to the well-off family who moved to a remote mountain cabin, a rising number of people are turning away from all-you-can-get consumption. Perfect for fans of Marie Kondo, Stuffocation is a manifesto for a vital change in how we all live, focusing less on possessions and more on experiences, and the one book you won’t be able to live without.

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